800PIZZA's Loyalty Program (the 'Program') is a loyalty program operated by 800PIZZA Co LLC (referred to as '800PIZZA' from here on). As a member, you'll earn a discount when making purchases at 800PIZZA by informing your registered account number. These terms and conditions relate to the membership, earning and redeeming of discount under the Program from its launch.

1. 800PIZZA reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any or all of the 800PIZZA Loyalty Membership provided; refuse to award discount; withdraw discount; refuse the right to redeem discount collected for any breach of these conditions or failure to pay for the purchases without prior notice.

2. By using your 800PIZZA Loyalty Program for the purpose of earning discount, you implicitly provide acceptance of the Program along with its rules, terms and conditions.

3. Your membership of the Program can be revoked or refused if you are involved in any act of fraud, shoplifting, cheating with or without cause and without notice. The membership can also be revoked if you are found to be involved in any sort of misuse of the 800PIZZA Loyalty Program.

4. 800PIZZA reserves the right to modify or close the Program, or to change, cancel or withdraw any of its terms and conditions, without assigning any reason whatsoever at any point of time at its own discretion. It reserves the right to discontinue Program memberships existing or new temporarily or permanently for a period of time, as decided by the management.

5. Benefits and offers made to you through the Program may change or be withdrawn without prior intimation. 800PIZZA will not be responsible for any liability arising from such situations.

6. 800PIZZA has the right to modify the manner in which Discount are earned and redeemed, including the number of Discount earned and the value of these discount, and will endeavor to notify you of any changes in advance.

7. You are responsible for notifying 800PIZZA of any change in your address or contact details.

8. 800PIZZA has the right to contact members for the purpose of providing membership information, account statements and redemption vouchers even if you have opted out of receiving communications. This excludes communications pertaining to promotions and offers, which will not be sent to you if you have opted out of such communications as a member.

9. 800PIZZA will not be liable for any unlawful or misuse of a 800PIZZA Loyalty Program or account.

10. By participating in the Program, you consent to 800PIZZA retaining the information provided to 800PIZZA about you, including details of any purchases made and the use of this information to offer you products and services that are likely to be of interest and for 800PIZZA market research purposes.

11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the country providing membership and any dispute may be referred to the courts of the respective country.

12. The terms and conditions as published on the 800PIZZA website www.800pizza.ae from time to time shall be final and binding.

13. The 800 Pizza Loyalty Program shall always remain a property of 800PIZZA and you will only be its custodian.

14. Membership is nontransferable and can only be used by you as the authorized Member. You may cancel your membership at any time by notifying 800PIZZA and signing the cancellation form.

15. Program membership is allotted purely at the discretion of the management and final decisions on all matters relating to the 800PIZZA Loyalty Program shall rest with 800PIZZA.

16. A member who hasn't used their 800PIZZA Loyalty Membership within a 12 month period will be deemed by the Program as 'Inactive'.

17. At the time of purchase, Discount will be credited to your account only upon informing your 800PIZZA Loyalty Membership Number to the staff taking your orders.

18. All Discount earned under the 800PIZZA program are valid for 24 months. All unused Discount over 24 months will expire and shall not be available for redemptions.

19. Discount once redeemed against a purchase can in no event be re credited.

20. Your Discount balance cannot be pooled with the Discount balance of any other member at any point of time.