Mediterranean Diet

According to the 2010 data available on the WHO website, in the USA 44.2% of the male population over 15 years of age is obese while in Italy, obesity is at 14.4%!

In Italy we eat a lot of pizzas! So how is this possible?

Because in a Traditional and authentic Italian meal, health and nutrition are within the fresh and natural ingredients it is made of:

The tomato sauce we use (as opposed to tomato surrogate with colorants and preservatives) comes from Italian plum tomatoes reach in healthy antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lycopene which enhance immunity and protect against toxins.

The flour we use is made in Naples, Italy, exclusively for 800PIZZA and it is a special blend of hard, soft and whole wheat allowing a longer and more stable release of energy after consumption

Our fresh dough has no sugar, butter or fat of any sort added to it.

In 2008 the European Union granted to Mozzarella di BufalaCampana a Protected Geographical Status with the "P.D.O." indicator; our buffalo mozzarella (as opposed to commercial cheese made from powder milk or cheese production leftovers) is indeed P.D.O. and it is flown in fresh, every week, from Caserta, Italy, this is naturally rich in calcium and protein, high in live lactic ferments, vitamins and mineral salt content.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use (as opposed to vegetable oil or other transfat reach greasing agents) is also certified as P.D.O. and cold extracted in Umbria, Italy, from Moraiolo olives, this oil is reach in vitamin E as well as very healthy antioxidants such as Polyphenols.

Fresh basil leaves (as opposed to artificial flavorings and spices) are rich in fibers and beta-carotene a great ally in the fight against free radicals.

Not only truly healthy food untouched by the global consumerism but a really flavorful one true to the Italian culinary heritage.